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WELCOME lady bug
Our Nonprofit Organization Strives To Bring Hope To Impoverished Individuals And Communities In Need. We Provide Resources To All Ethnicities And Are Committed To Exercise An Attitude Of Servitude. As The Need Of The Community Grows, It Is Our Goal To Be An Activate Advocate In Eliminating Hunger And Homelessness. We Have Been Honored To Help Our Surrounding Communities For The Past Twenty-five Years. We Couldn’t Be Who We Are Without The Help Of Our Volunteers And Donors. We Represent Ladybug In That We Are Committed To Eating Away The Bad To Make Room For The Good.


Donation are tax Deductible and Accepted Via Check or money order made payable to lady bug ministry

Beginning August 1, 2022 You Must Make An Appointment.

Please call 323-751-3748 and leave a message with your full name and telephone number the Monday before Food Distribution, 8AM-12NOON to reserve an appointment . YOU MAY NOT RESERVE A RESERVATION FOR SOMEONE ELSE.